Life and the Bible: Dragons in Job (Part 1)- Leviathan

Welcome to a new edition of the blog that will see me respond to Bible verses (in which I’ve taken from responses I’ve posted in this underground bible study group I consult.) This week’s response comes from the second to last chapter in Job (Chapter 41) in which God concludes his questions with a description of a fiercesome, unruly creature of long ago. What specific creature was God referring to? Why did God describe this creature to Job? Read on to find out…

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Hard FAQ’s Answered

So I’ve been hearing a lot of questions about Christianity, God, and the like and I’ve decided to take it upon myself to answer some of them. If you a truly interested in hearing them, understanding them, and accepting them then please read on. If you are here to look at my answers, scoff at them, and dismiss them as you skim through my explanations then please don’t read on for you are wasting your own time. One of the coolest things I’ve found about real Christianity is that it offers answers to questions. Hard questions. Hard questions that make you think real hard about what you’re putting your faith in. I love that! I’m sure that God loves it too as He says in Isaiah 1:18 “Come now, and let us reason together…” So as I begin to answer these questions, I want you to keep in mind that I, a Christian, am reasoning these answers out and not brushing them to the side just because they challenge my faith. … continue reading this entry.

Science and the Bible (Part 2)

True Science agrees w the Bible

Real science is something that you are able to observe, hypothesize, test, gather data, and draw conclusions. For example you cannot merely go out, look at a couple of birds chirp, draw conclusions, and call it a “theory”. Conclusions drawn from observations are hypotheses not theories. You could even gather some data in support of your hypothesis but until you actually test it, it will still be just that- a hypothesis. These are the rules of the scientific method, something that all scientists today have to adhere to. True science (science that can be observed, tested, etc.) is in complete agreement with the Bible.

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Science and the Bible (Part 1)


When the Scientific revolution came about, the Catholic church felt as though their power was being threatened. They thought that this would be the beginning of many people turning away from God as well as turning away from their church and in some respects they were right. However, what they and others that began to turn away from God to look to science didn’t understand was that science and the Bible were not mutually exclusive. If they cared to open the Word of God and diligently study it, they would’ve known things like the Earth being round and that it rotates. Many deaths would’ve been prevented had they adhered to the Bible’s description of sanitation, quarantine, healing disease, and treating wounds. God does not condemn science; He is science.

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Being from Southern CA and all, I used to be really into rap before I got saved. All the praise music and contemporary Christian music was nice but it was kind of hard adjusting my personal music tastes from hard beats, fast-paced rhymes, and catchy hooks to acoustic guitars, singing, and gentle lyrics. I had a need to get pumped up from my music and that’s what rap music used to do for me. It wasn’t until a few years later when I heard some guys spit rhymes that were Christ-centered! … continue reading this entry.


So over the 7/17-7/19 weekend I attended a church event that my youth group goes to every once a year. While many of the others in my group have been going to this thing since 2004 in Fresno, I’d been going to this since 2005 where I hadn’t had to take such a long car ride (our church is located in Southern California.) So this would be my first time traveling all the way to Nothern California (a six-hour drive in a big van) for such an event. Going into it even as a “veteran” I didn’t know what to expect. Here’s what my church experienced at each event:

2004 in Fresno; Theme- Forever; Verse-1 Cor. 4:18; Result- Spiritual high for each member who attended

2005 in Riverside; Theme- Movement; Verse- Acts 17:28; Result- Important lesson that we shouldn’t be here for the spiritual high but for what we learn from the conference

2006 in Chicago, IL (First & Only National Conference); Theme- Overflow; Verse-1 Thess. 3:12; Result- Mixture of spiritual high and a lesson

2007 in LA; Theme- Harvest; Verse- Luke 10:2; Result- Maturation in each member who attended; Reassurance that it’s not about our expectations but God’s will for us

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Hello and Shalom to you all,

My name is Jimmy and I am at the ripe old age of seventeen years old. I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior as well as the Bible being the divinely inspired Word of God (and have been for five years now.) A lot of that is going to come out as I blog since my entire life is based around this. … continue reading this entry.